TurnKey Solutions

We design and equip clinical facilities with everything you need to get started!

. Hospitals . Field Hospitals . Private Clinics . Mobile Health units . Ambulances . Operation Rooms and speciality rooms . Sterilisation Areas and Clean Rooms . Laboratories . Pharmacy



Cold Rooms

We supply, install, provide technical assistance and maintenance in cold rooms for different sectors.

. Pharmaceutical . Laboratory . Pathology . Food Industry and freezing tunnels . Refrigeration and freezing . Fruit and Vegetables . Flowers 


Our Process

We will listen to your idea and take notes about your budget and objectives.

We will internationally search for all the equipment and instruments you may need and make an offer along with alternatives and new ideas obtained during this process.

If you accept our offer, we will take care of the logistics, export and even import processes until you have everything on your doorstep.

If you want, we can also have people ready to do the installation of the equipment and help you establish your business.

In addition, we can make maintenance contracts for the equipment we sell, regardless of the place of installation, so that your business never stops.


Call us, we have solutions...


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