uFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical


The μFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical are the first affordable vertigo diagnostic equipment available in the market.

The μFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical allows precise, real-time visualization of eye movements in the absence of visual fixation (total darkness).

Provided in an ergonomic and portable format, the uFrenzel video goggles are comfortable to wear and easy to use. The integrated LCD displays and battery allows the device to be operated wirelessly.

Product description

Evaluating eye movements in darkness, namely nystagmus, is essential for diagnosing several clinical syndromes. However, eye-fixation most often inhibits these eye movements and difficults a correct diagnostic.

The μFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical video goggles allows precise, real time, positional visualization of eye movements in complete darkness.


Diagnose several clinical syndromes:

  • Acute Vestibular Syndrome (acute vertigo with spontaneous nystagmus);

  • BPPV;

  • Ménière's disease;

  • Migrainous vertigo.

Support for visual diagnostic tests:
  • Position;
  • Spontaneous;
  • Saccade;
  • Gaze.

    Key characteristics

    The μFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical are:

    • Affordable;
    • Easy to use;
    • Tight fit;
    • Comfortable;
    • Compact.

    Two analog video outputs are also available to allow external visualization and recording.


    Technical specs:

    • Class I medical device;
    • Built in dual 3.5 inch TFT LCD display;
    • 3.5mm jack connector for dual analog video output;
    • 5V DC connector;
    • Fixation strap;
    • Integrated lithium-ion battery;
    • Latency under 30ms.
      .Pack contents:
      • Frenzel video goggles;
      • Fixation strap;
      • USB power adapter;
      • USB power cable;
      • Comfort foam pads (x4);
      • Usage instructions.

      For orders and information requests:

      Telephone: +351 210 415 920



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