2-wheel drive | Padded seat | Blue | Emerita |
2-wheel drive | Padded seat | Blue | Emerita |
2-wheel drive | Padded seat | Blue | Emerita |
2-wheel drive | Padded seat | Blue | Emerita |
2-wheel drive | Padded seat | Blue | Emerita |

2-wheel drive | Padded seat | Blue | Emerita |

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Advantages of a walker for the elderly
Today, the autonomy and independence of the elderly is very important, because it makes them gain self-confidence. For this, help such as the Emérita walker becomes indispensable for their daily life. The Mobiclinic Emerita model has two wheels that will give you the stability you need during your walks.

It also has a PVC padded seat that will allow you to rest whenever you need it. The handles are ergonomic and can be adjusted in heights from 81.5 cm to 91.5 cm, so you can adapt it to your needs.

It is also easy to bend thanks to its central axis.
Its bright blue design gives this walker the elegance you've always wanted. This two-wheeled walker made of steel is very light, weighing only 4.1 kg, so you can take it anywhere you want easily and comfortably. With this elderly walker you don't have to worry about space. It is foldable and takes up very little! This way you can take it wherever you want and when it comes to storing it, it doesn't take up much space.

Technical characteristics of the walker:
Color: blue
Material: steel
Solid wheels
Height adjustable: 81.5- 91.5 cm
Width between handles: 42 cm Overall width (including wheels): 52 cm
Total length: 64 cm
Folded width: 16 cm
Seat dimensions: 19.5 length x 38 width x 3 cm
Seat height from floor: 54 cm
Maximum weight supported: 100 kg
Weight: 4,1 kg
What we highlight in the Emerita walker:
The independence and security it offers the user.
Its robust design and lightness allow total mobility.
Comfort is one of the strong points of this walker thanks to its ergonomic handles and padded seat.

STURDY AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of steel, this adult walker ensures safety to withstand large weights, maintaining its resistance without reducing lightness, since its design has been designed to weigh as little as possible and allows greater comfort.

SAFETY AND INDEPENDENCE: This elderly walker allows the user greater mobility and safety in their movements thanks to its lightweight and agile design.

ADJUSTABLE AND DOUBLE: You can adjust the height of this walker with wheels from 81.5 cm to 91.5 cm and adapt it to the height of the user. It has a central axle for easy folding and transport when not in use, as well as for trouble-free storage.
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