Electric Scooter | 4 Wheels | Folding | Luxury | Red | Pound |
Electric Scooter | 4 Wheels | Folding | Luxury | Red | Pound |

Electric Scooter | 4 Wheels | Folding | Luxury | Red | Pound |


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Product description
Electric and folding scooter Libra helps solve mobility problems for people who have difficulty doing so because they have a disability, cannot walk for long periods and/or long distances or because they tire easily because of old age.
With a careful and modern aesthetics, this motorized scooter for reduced mobility has multiple features that ensure safety, such as front and rear bumper, headlight and solid wheels to overcome any obstacle on the road without the risk of puncturing or tipping over.

Main features of the Electric Scooter:
It has a design focused on your comfort where we can find it:

Folding system that allows easy transport on any trunk.
Front basket that allows you to place any object that you take with you, allowing you total freedom in your arms to drive.
On/off switch and speed control regulator that favours control over the scooter.
Headrest and armrests foldable and adjustable in width and inclination guarantee the user a relaxing and comfortable driving.
Premium upholstery and headlights are a new design.
Battery level indicated on the steering wheel
Measures and weight of the motorized scooter:
Total length: 128 cm.
Total width: 61 cm.
Total height: 111 cm.
Ground clearance: 4 cm.
Weight with batteries: 87.9 kg.
Battery weight: 24,7 kg.
Maximum weight supported: 135 kg.
Front and rear wheels: 26 cm diameter.
Seat type: Folding upholstery.
Seat width: 45.5 cm.
Half turn of the backrest with headrests and seat slide mechanisms.
Seat width: 45.5 cm.
Characteristics of use:
Maximum speed: 8 kmph.
Maximum slope of climb: 12 °.
Climbing curve: 5 cm / 2 °.
Kerb climbing: 8 cm.
Turning radius: 152 cm / 59.8 °.
It has a headlight.
Loading method:
1. 1: Remove the housing from under the seat, you will see a black button that activates the battery, press it and put the housing back.
2. Connect the charger cable to the charging port at the bottom of the handlebar.
- Handlebar battery indicator.


1. red light: indicates that you must connect the scooter and connect the battery.

2. Orange light: appears when charging.
3. Green light: charging is complete.
Technical characteristics of the Libra scooter:
Electromechanical brake: stops the scooter when you stop the accelerator.
Engine: 500W, 3400 r.p.m.
Gel battery: (2) 12V. 36Ah. Rechargeable and removable for easy transport.
Autonomy: 30 km (approximate, in a straight line, depending on the user's weight). Battery Charger: 5A outside the vehicle.
Electronics: On/Off switch, battery level indicator and speed control regulator.
We like this scooter foldable by:
Its safety: it has a neutral lever with which you can deactivate the scooter's traction and braking systems, allowing another person to push it.
Its performance: 30 km range with a 500W engine.
Its design: practical and modern has all the necessary features to become the perfect companion for people with reduced mobility.
Battery warranty: 6 months.
Structure warranty: 2 years.
Return conditions:
In case of return, the product must be delivered in the same packaging conditions as it arrived.
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