Pack 2 advanced crutches with green rubber anatomical cuff

Pack 2 advanced crutches with green rubber anatomical cuff


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Product description
Quick You walk You need a pair of crutches, THEN; Muletas Anticipated Package Anatomically Drunken Handle will be ideal for you.

Each crutch OR Canadian One Made Special Walking Aid. In Truth, It's One of the Most Used Orthopedic Products None of the World! market known And varied by different Tao nomos and self-sufficiency like cane, cane-cane orthopedic Canadian crutches, British, Sticks, You Elderly Bengal, as Support crutches UO only sparklers. Names matter No; or And important each fulfills Crutch Package or a goal Additional Help and Support from as PERSONS with Mobility difficulties, In addition to providing the com-seguranca and Confidence.

This Canadian crutch cane TEM Advance comforts you all that you need fast! because thermoplastic And Made and an aluminum S-mold TEM polypropylene and elastomer, in contact with and from the Arm Hand, or reduces the pressure gives Hand or strain, or I diminishing the appearance of Possible Bubbles; Support comfort and orthopedic features in the are Essential sticks and walkers.

In addition, each crutch Adjustable and One in up system using clips to suit the height and HAVE ONE User do Make PUNCH of materials Two providing true comfort supporting Hand.

Quick Will you buy resist it? Commitment to OUR Products, or will ensure Quality, Safety and Low Prices. Buy Today It's A Faster, Faster and Cheaper Kit With More People.

comfort Cana presents Canadian TEM Advance:

- HAND-HEIGHT: 76-101 cm.

- Trial angle: 28 °.

- Handle length: 10 cm

- Handle thickness: 3.5 cm

- Cane Weight: 0.52 Kg.

- Maximum user weight: 140 Kg.

- Green Color.

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