Support bar | Antiskid | White | 45x25 cm

Support bar | Antiskid | White | 45x25 cm


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FUNCTION: To facilitate access to the bathroom and be a support point during its use.

SECURITY: This support bar will allow you to reduce the risk of falling into the bathroom.

MATERIAL: ABS plastic with a very robust design.

Description of the product
Safety in the bath is fundamental, especially for people who are larger or have reduced mobility. Feeling comfortable in the bathroom and above all feeling safe, it is neither as complicated nor as expensive as it seems. One way to achieve this is with the support bars.

These supports are handles that serve as stability bars, which provide support and help maintain balance thanks to their placement at strategic points in the bathroom. The support bars are used throughout the shower or bathroom area (handles) to facilitate access to them and be a support point during their use, next to the odourless (support bars) to squat with less difficulty and around the sink, as a support point during personal hygiene.

The Gordon support bar of robust construction in ABS plastic has a very resistant design.

Measures of the safety bar:
Dimensions: 45 x 25 cm
Distance between bolted brackets: 33 cm
Distance to the wall: 5 cm
Angle: 7th

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